Perth property prices predicted to 'flatten out' in 2018

After almost five consecutive years of price drops since the highs of 2012/2013, property prices in Perth are forecast to 'flatten out' in 2018.

While this is not exactly great news for anyone in or around the Perth metropolitan area planning to sell their property in 2018, such as me; it is good news that prices are not supposed to fall any further.

This is better than the forecast for New South Wales (NSW) where the average property price is tipped to drop by up to ten percent through 2018, mainly led by falls in the values of apartments.

I must add that this is just the thinking of 'those in the know', and they often get this wrong. Knowing my luck—my nickname is after all Bad Luck Barry—Perth property prices will drop by the most ever at the start of 2018 just when I need to sell as part of my overall downsizing project.