'International' Pancake Day, 28th Feb

The things you can learn from reading the 'junk mail' advertising (that they stuff in your letterbox everyday) while you are having your Sunday morning cup of coffee. Who knew that next Tuesday was Pancake Day? And I found out from a full page ad for all things pancake-ish in a Woolworths junk mail flyer.

Woolworths just give and give and give. They even provided a super simple sure-fire recipe for pancakes —but you may need to enlarge the image below (by clicking it) in order to read the recipe.

Oh, and the rest of the page was full of stuff you really need to buy for Pancake Day.

A bit of research on the Internet will reveal that Pancake Day is actually Shove Tuesday, which is then aligned with Ash Wednesday (the first day of lent). It seems that Pancake Day, or Shove Tuesday, occurs 47 days before Easter. So the actual date of Pancake Day can move.

I didn't read enough from the Internet to work out why it is so, but for some reason for most of the Western World (and especially the UK and Australia—apparently), it has come to pass that we get stuck into pancakes of all sorts, sizes, and flavours on Shove Tuesday. One article I found suggested that Pancake Day is that one day of the year when it is perfectly acceptable to have pancakes for breakfast, lunch, and tea (that would be dinner for my American readers—although the true definition of 'dinner' is the main meal of the day, so if lunch is your main meal of the day then that would be dinner).

Who knew? This is something totally new to me. However, I am planning to adopt this new found 'day' with gusto and you will likely find me in Dome on Tuesday morning having pancakes for breakfast.