57th Overall in the "Get The Blues" GuruShots challenge

At one point, with six days left to go in the challenge, I was ranked 57th in the GuruShots "Get The Blues" photography challenge!

You can see the proof in the screen shot from my phone.

57th out of 10,320 entrants. Not too shabby really. More people might enter in the remaining six days.

I doubt that I will be able to retain 57th spot for very long because some of the 'big hitters' often enter late with their amazing pictures. Also I think that the Champion and Master level members often put their votes in late, and each of their votes is actually worth 7 and 8 votes per vote—so their contribution to the voting adds up very quickly.

Each challenge requires that four picture be submitted. Following are my four pictures in the "Get The Blue" challenge.

The picture in the bottom left has got the most individual votes at this point with six days to go.

57th out of 10,320 contestants worldwide . . . NOT TOO SHABBY.