Finally bought a bottle of Blue Label Johnny Walker

For about ten years or so I have been considering paying out the $200 it costs to buy a 700ml bottle of Blue Label Johnny Walker whiskey in Australia. Well, about three weeks ago I did it. Dan Murphy's had it down to $168 and I snapped up a bottle.

Over the past years I have read many reviews on Blue Label and I clearly remember one of the reviewers discussing the distinct orange/mandarin early finish that he thought Blue Label had, followed by a late cigar 'waft'.

So when I had my very first sip I was waiting for that finish. And I was not disappointed. I agree that there is a beautiful mandarin finish. I am not too sure about the cigar 'waft'. For me the mandarin finish lingers quite a while after you swallow.

My challenge now is not to drink it all too fast. To try and get at least a month of pleasure from it.