Gen 5 Subaru Forester released

Subaru's new 'from the ground up' Gen 5 Forester initially looks an aweful lot like the model it is replacing.

However, it is 'all new'—being built on Subaru's new global platform.

Gone is the turbo charged 2.0 litre engine. Based the information made available by Subaru at the New York Motor Show, all of new models have the 85 percent new 2.5 litre boxer engine. This updated 2.5 litre engine outputs 182 hp. This revised power plan is supposed to provide an average of 33 mpg US or 39.6 mpg Australian; which converts to about 7.2 litres/100 klms.

The G5 Forester is marginally larger in all dimensions except height. This gives more rear seat leg room, and, combined with the wider rear tailgate door, gives more room in the cargo area.

Due to it being based on the new global platform, Subaru are claiming the the new car exhibits reduced noise, vibration, and harshness.

Subaru seem to have dropped the manual transmission option, with the only transmission now being the revised CVT from the Accent. In the two top models the CVT has a 'manual' option where gears can be changed with column shifter paddles.

Subaru say they have given buyers what they wanted: Better fuel economy, a roomier cabin; and more useful technology.

Personally, I am sad they seem to have dropped the turbo model.

For a lot more information you can click over to the Motor1 site (here).