Attempting a "photo-a-day for 365 days" projects in 2019

I think I am going to attempt to take on one of those ‘photo-a-day for 365” days type of projects. Some time back—probably at least 10 years ago—I tried the “photo-a-week for 52” weeks challenge. But I failed at that after about week five.

So there may not be much hope for me in this new undertaking. But I am going to give it a try.

Sometimes the photographs posted will be new, and sometimes they will be from my back library of digital photographs stored in Lightroom. And maybe, if I ever get around to it, they might be a scanned slides or negatives from the times before about 2002 when I went digital.

By doing this project I might:

  • Use my camera more. I have the best camera I have ever owned. A 42MP full-frame SONY A7R III and, seriously, I am taking the fewest pictures ever.

  • Enhance my photo-editing skill further in Lightroom, Photoshop, and Luminar 3.

  • Get out more. Lately I have more or less just been staying in-doors and letting the days glide by.

  • Finally start digitizing some of my thousands of slides and negatives from before about 2002.

I have created a new page to post the “photo-a-day” pictures to. It is in the title bar as “Photo Blog”. Or just click on the picture to jump over to the Photo Blog.