Post with the most comments: Whitby Falls

I decided to check which of my posts over the years has attracted the most comments.

With 16 comments the winner by far is my posting about the Whitby Falls Coach House.

I did this post way back in September 2011.

Should you be interested, then click on the image to open the page.

Following are the last four comments posted.

  • From Shannon : I love this property and see its potential as a micro brewery, restaurant, function centre, accommodation

  • From Raelene : Can anyone tell me who owns it as I would like to take our Paranormal team in for a few hours

  • From Annette : Norma (or anyone else) - do you know where I would be able to locate ownership/employee or any other records regarding the coach house.....

  • From Norma : The Whitby Falls Coach house (previous the Jarrahdale Inn) and the asylum were on opposite sides of the Road. I don't think the asylum was visible from the Road. The asylum housed the more improved patients and they help run a bit of a farm.

    The Coach house was owned by the Cockram family and after the death of Mr. E. Cockram it lay empty for a number of years until it was bought by my late husband's father Victor Silich in 1933. They lived there until 1940,working the property as a farm. It was sold to a Mr. Riley who ran horses on the property. Then it was sold to a Mr. Edwards who turned it into

    restaurant etc. He built the brick shed and extended the house out the back for a kitchen and eating area. There have been a few owners since then and apparently the property was not viable, so it has been closed for a number of years.

The Whitby Falls Coach House would be one of those projects you might take on if you won $10 million on the lotto because, sadly, due the current state of dis-repair, I think you would need at least a million, and maybe two, to bring this great old property back to any useful state.