VW T-ROC Golf coming to Australia in 2020

VW are going to bring the Golf SUV, badged as the T-ROC, to Australia in 2020.


This looks like an interesting unit. It has three engine versions. One of them is the popular (in the Golf GTI) 2.0 litre turbo which is, according to all reports that I have read, a zippy little unit.

As Subaru’s 2.0 litre non-turbo XV (called the Crosstrek in the USA) is such a tardy performer, maybe the VW T-ROC would be a good choice to replace my XT Forester with. The Forester just feels too big for me now I am on my own. And a 2020 release for the T-TOC probably fits in reasonably well with my retirement planning.


Checking around the Web I can see that VW does not have the same reliability rating as Subaru. This might be an issue for me. I do like to go for a reliable vehicle. Reliability is very important to me. Which is one reason I have never bought a BMW. They are not even in the Top 20 for reliability.

I guess now I will just have to wait until the T-ROC is released and see what the reviewers have to say.