Snippet: iPhone/iOS falls to 11.7% of market (Q2/2016)

According to the numbers from IDC market research Apple's share of the smartphone market fell to 11.7 percent in Q2 of 2016.

Android's share of the smartphone market is now over well 85 percent-sitting at 87.6 percent in Q2/2016.

If you hunt around the Web you will find opposing views on Apple's smartphone future for 2017 but the majority opinion is that iOS will fall below 10 percent of market share by the end of 2017. If this prediction comes true it is likely to impact Apple's share price significantly.

The problem that Apple now has with its iOS-based iPhone smartphone is that over the last year or so developers of apps (applications) for smartphones have started to develop for Android first, and then iPhone second. Similarly when developers work on updates for existing applications they are updating and improving their Android versions first and then, maybe, if they get around to it, updating the iOS/iPhone version second. This is a huge turn-around from just three years ago when the reverse was the case.

I will put a prompt in my calendar to make sure I check the market share of iOS this time next year so we can see which way the market goes.