Ordered a Lumia 950XL Windows Phone

I have ordered a Lumia 950XL Windows Phone.

Microsoft currently have a special on the 950 and 950XL. I have no idea how long it will last.

The 950XL entered the market about 12 months ago for $1,199. As is the case for most smartphones, the cost went down in steps over the last 12 months and the current price at Harvey Norman to buy this phone outright is $899 (see screen capture at left).

Microsoft have a current special from the Online Microsoft Store offering the 950XL for AUD$499 with free shipping to anywhere in Australia.

Click on the following image to link over to the page at Microsoft.

Upgraded my smartphone holder(s)

I couldn't resist.

I saw these awesome new smartphone holders and I became obsessed. I was going buy them, then I wasn't; then I was, then I wasn't. You get the idea.

But then the online site where I spotted them, and I had then sitting around in a shopping bag but had not gone an further, offered me 10% off as new customer.

Still I just couldn't make up my mind. As sexy as they were, as smartphone holders go they were expensive.

After leaving my purchase there in the online shopping trolley for about another three weeks the online site upped their discount offer to 15%. I was really tempted, but I still didn't push the 'Buy' button.

But when they increases the discount 'for one day only' to 20% I just could not hold back from whipping out my credit card and buying this pair of very sexy phone holders. I think they come in pairs because these days most folks do have more than one smartphone.

Sorry about the digital noise, but these pictures are just snaps taken in my study with no internal lights on and only a little bit of light coming in the windows—because it was an overcast day. Hence the pictures were taken at 3200 ISO so a bit of digital noise is to be expected.

I didn't pick it up in the adverts, but with these phone holders there is also an in-built pen holder.

It is extra thoughtful little touches like this which you can expect when you buy the more up-market smartphone holders.

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