WRX Evo 4 Decal

As I have only had the one comment posted to my blog since I cranked it up (which, I guess, is a whole lot better than none) I feel that I should respond to it. Rather than respond with a 'buried' reply to her comment I thought I might as well respond with a blog post.

Her comment related to the Subaru WRX logo in the middle of my heading banner. In case I have changed the banner graphic by the time others get to read this—and they wonder what I am rabbiting on about—following is a reduced-size reduced-depth version of the heading banner graphic I am talking about.



The comment contained the question: Where did the middle picture come from? They reason this question was asked is that the reader is familiar with this particular Subaru Impreza decal but had not seen a coloured version of it like this. This is because the original photograph that I took did not look like the one in my banner graphic. Following is the original photograph before doing some cropping and simple colour changes using PhotoShop Elements.


This picture was cropped down to just the decal part, brightened by setting the levels (or setting the "black and whites" as some people refer to it), and then I used the PhotoShop Elements magic wand to select the WRX and fill it in with a bright blue, select the inside of the "evo" and fill it with yellow, and finally select the inside of the 4 and fill it with a darker blue.

So that solves that mystery. I don't have a specially coloured decal on the Evo 4, I just improved the picture I took of the dull grey one that is on it.