Jessica Alba Posting Popular

I got 31 uniques two days after posting the Jessica Alba item. This would factor in the time it took for the search engines to come around and index it.

A search for “alba eye candy” on Bing shows my site in 5th place.

Abalook 3rd

Mind you this is not as good as the 50+ uniques I got on three different days from the postings of my pictures of SCN (seriously cute niece).

I know … 31 uniques in a day is quite pathetic considering there is supposed to be 184,000,000 people surfing the Web at any point in time—and that figure is from over a year ago so it is probably more than that now. But for my site, which tends to hover around the 8 or 9 per day mark normally, getting up over 30 uniques with the Alba candy, and up over 50 uniques with the SCN pictures, is exciting for me.

I am going try and see if I can hit the 100 uniques in a day before the end of the year. That will mean getting double the uniques I got with my SCN pictures. No easy feat, but you have to have goals.

Tell your friends :-)