Any Ideas for Stuff to Post?

It is 5:42 p.m. Saturday, 27th of November. I am seriously bored. The Internet was down until midday because of some Perth-wide issue attributed to Telstra.

I actually managed to fall asleep on the lounge from about midday until about an hour ago. As I had missed lunch and was feeling somewhat peckish I made a fried egg toasted sandwich. I would have done a bit of bacon for it as well; if there had of been any bacon in the fridge.

So now I am in my ‘office’—which is actually shown as the Games Room on the house plan—with a cup of coffee, trying to think of something to punch up and post. I have had a quick trawl through the first 10 pages of Digg, looked at the Huffingtonpost, reviewed Reddit, looked at Wired and the UK Telegraph; but I can’t see anything to interest me enough to research them and do a repost.

The way I see it I have about 10 to 12 regular visitors to my site. Pretty pathetic for a site that has been posting for over a year, but better than none. And I have experienced a couple of peaks where I got 50+ when I posted my pictures of SCN and did a link to them from the Digital Photography Review (a.k.a. DPreview) site. Also my feature on Jessica Alba got me a couple of days of around 30 plus visitors.

What I am getting to is … maybe my small but faithful group of regular readers have some thoughts for articles I could put together and post?

Any ideas?