Web100’s Top 100 Photography Sites

Web100 Web100 have been around for a long time. Most people know about them so to many of my readers this posting might not contain any information you don’t already have. But for those who have not heard of or used Web100 to find some new sites to surf then Web100 is one of hundreds—probably thousands, maybe millions—of sites that maintain lists of other sites in their “Top 100” lists.

Of particular interest here is Web100s Top 100 photography sites (here).

Web100’s Top 100 list of photography sites contains a mixture of photography sites that mainly just host people’s images (such as Flickr, ShutterStock, SmugMug, and PhotoBucket), photography vendor sites (such as Nikon and Canon), magazines that feature photography (such as Life), and photography bloggers and self help Web sites.

Focussing on the photography sites about cameras and taking pictures, and just looking at the Top 20 or so:

  • At number 4 is Digital Photography Review—or DPReview as it is better known. I visit DPReview almost every day. After checking out any photography news on the front page I usually then go to the “Pentax SLR Talk” forum; which can be found on the Forums pick-list.
  • Number 5 is the MOO site in the UK. MOO lets you do ‘real’ stuff with your pictures, like make them into a book, or print them on stickers or cards (at a cost, obviously).
  • At 17 is ScanMyPhotos which is a service whereby you can get printed photographs, negatives, or slides scanned into digital format. This service is located in the USA and this is where you have to send your pictures, negatives, or slides to get them scanned. There are many local (Australian based) places where you can get this kind of scanning done, although it might not be as cheap as ScanMyPhotos—but do you really want to send your images overseas to be scanned?
  • 22 is Photo.Net. Photo.Net has been around for as long as I have been surfing the Web. I have spent many hours admiring the great photographs at Photo.Net. Photo.Net is kind of like an on-line camera club—albeit a slightly snobby one. If you plan to join Photo.Net then you probably don’t want to be a beginner. They also do the odd camera review and the odd tutorial, but mainly they are about ‘club’ members posting up pictures and other club members telling them what they think of them and giving them marks.

One huge omission from the Web100 list is the the Luminous-Landscape (here). The Luminous-Landscape photography site should have been in the Top 20 somewhere, but it is not on the list at all.

Another omission is Photosig (here) which is site a bit like Flickr where you can post your images and get feedback on them. Photosig is huge. I would suggest that there are probably as many images hosted on Photosig as there are on Flickr—but I could be wrong.

There are probably a number of other popular sites that have been missed as well.

So, if you are into photography and want a starting point list of photography sites to surf then you can start with Web100’s Top 100 photography sites.