Pentax K-5 Gets DPReview’s “Gold Award”

I know. This makes four photography related posts in a row. I promise the next post will not be a photography related post.

Pentax’s latest semi-pro Digital SLR (DSLR), the Pentax K-5, achieved an overall rating of 83% and a five star Gold Award in the latest in-depth review by DPReview.


The 83% overall score might not initially sound that impressive, but it starts to sound more impressive when you consider that DPReview scored the Nikon D300S pro camera at 82% and the Nikon D7000 semi-pro camera at 80%.

Click (or Ctrl+Click) on the image above to go to the start of the 21 step sequence of tests conducted by DPReview.


The K-5, pictured above, comes with a 16.3 megapixel sensor, 11 point auto-focus, and 77 segment exposure metering.

One of the impressive features about the K-5 is its in-camera digital noise handling with digital noise not becoming a real issue until ISOs above 3200—which is handy on a camera that can be wound up to a whopping 51200 ISO.