More Stimulating Ergonomic Game Controller

Spotted this on GoodShit this morning. I think it is a picture of someone testing the general responsiveness and feel of a new style ergonomic game controller.

There has been so much in the press lately about people getting thumb, finger, and wrist repetitive strain injury (RSI) from too much gaming so some thought has gone into putting together a controller that is softer and much more fun to use.

I apologise for the severe compression artifacting that has occurred in the picture, but it was not me! I would never compress a picture so heavily that such obvious compression artifacting would occur. This is how it was on GoodShit. All I have done is brighten the image up a bit and put a border around it.

You have to admit though that it is pretty humourus. And how do people get these great jobs? Getting to test this stuff out!

Another huge advantage of this type of controller—that is not highlighted in the notes—is that the user needs to be standing to work with it effectively. This also addresses, in some small way, the lack of exercise that dedicated gamers tend to suffer from. At least by standing they are getting more circulation in their legs and butt than they would be when sitting for hours in a chair or laying on a bed.

There are all kinds of upsides really . . .

Hmmmm. The thumb controls do seem to be badly placed now that I think about it.


P.S. I could not work out who's original work this was or I would have cited credits. Should the copyright holder come across this picture then please forgive me.