What Happens After You Die

But frist and important note for Opera users (everyone else can just skip this bit). While IE7, IE8, and FireFox users use Ctrl+Click to open a link in a new Tab, it seems that people using the Opera browser need to use Shift+Click instead [Thanks to cdk_101 for pointing this out].

In my wasted hours and days spent trawling around the Web I came across the following site that provides a detailed and complete illustration of what happens when you die.

Note that, for the best possible experience, this site really should be viewed with your browser window maximised to full screen real-estate size. If you are using Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 (IE7), IE8, FireFox, or Opera as your browser then you can toggle to full screen using the F11 key (found between the F10 and F12 keys, just above the Backspace key *Grin*).

To close the illustration after you have absorbed it you can use Ctrl+W (hold down the Ctrl key and press W).

So, to get this perfectly straight, this is what you need to do:

  • Hit F11.
  • Go to the following link using Ctrl+Click on the link (so it opens in a new Tab).
  • Then, after studying and absorbing the illustration, use Ctrl+W to close the illustration.

THE LINK: Detailed illustration of what happens when you die.

And no! Your browser is not broken and your PC has not hung.

That is it!!

I wonder who is paying the annual cost to register this domain?

In a way it is sort of the perfect site: it was really easy to code up; they don't have to do much site maintenance; and there are no regular postings to maintain or update.

Oh . . . And in case you were wondering, to toggle back to non-full screen just hit the F11 key again—you know where it is now (on a standard keyboard at least, who knows where it is on some of those random notebook keyboards, you might have to hold down three keys to get an F11 to happen).