Twin Peaks 20th in Top 25 Cult Series

I find it hard to believe that it did not rate higher but Twin Peaks comes in at number 20 in the Top 25 cult followers TV series; according to TV Guide USA as published in 2004.


Some of those series that are in front of Twin Peaks bother me a bit. I mean, there is no doubt about Star Trek, The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer . . . but Farscape? Seriously, was Farscape that popular and does it have that big a cult following? And I have not actually heard of “Mystery Science Theatre 3000”. And Beauty and the Beast. I liked the show, but as for a cult following, does it really have one?

Anyway, I guess 10 years after it finished I can’t really complain that Twin Peaks only makes it to 20th.

I should try and find a more recent cult following Top listing. Maybe Twin Peaks has improved its position as the other shows got older and lost their followings.