The Girl Paradox

Found this on the Web. I think it is someone trying to help boys get their heads around girls, but as we all know, really it can’t be done.


Basically, what this is telling us is that:

  1. There are basically only three core types of girl: Hot girls; Nice girls; or Smart girls.
  2. Hot nice girls are idiots.
  3. Hot smart girls are annoying.
  4. Smart nice girls are not really that attractive.
  5. Finally, hot smart nice girls only go out with assholes.

I thought I would share this in case it helped someone out.

I would post a credit or link for the image but the link I have is not to the originators site.

Also, it is supposed to be tongue in cheek and funny, and it is not even my diagram, so please don’t get angry at me if someone feels this is offensive in some way.