Spot the IT Consultant

The following screen grab is not a joke. It is from an actual Web site for a firm that sells real estate (Deans Properties somewhere in them there United States of America).


Man oh Man … I hope it is not that obvious that I am an IT consultant. Maybe it is?

I do like some of the comments that were made by visitors to the site that posted this:

  • $5 says the IT guy is the only one using a real photo.
  • At least he probably does real work for his pay (as opposed to going to meetings and driving around in company BMW cars and getting paid for that).
  • It is obvious which staff members get paid the most.
  • IT guy . . . it’s a wonder they even allowed him into the room where the photographs were being taken.
  • Look at the backgrounds. The others are in front of a backdrop with studio lighting (notice no harsh face shadows or background shadows). They are staged. They probably needed 8 pictures to balance the card and just went down to the IT guy in his work cave in the basement and said “smile”—we just need one more picture.