Useful Guide to Key Erogenous Zones


Found this on the Web at a site called “Educational Posters for Doctors”.

Seriously. That’s what it is called.

I know this illustration is basically meant to be humorous but it is also surprisingly accurate. There are not many places on a woman’s body that do not give her pleasure if caressed by an attentive male when she is receptive.

Sadly for us men about 95 percent of our tactile sexual pleasure is generated by one small area.

On the upside this makes it really easy for a female to switch her chosen male on for sex—almost whenever she might choose to do so, wherever she might choose to do it. But it does make it a tad tricky for us men to light up a female and keep her glowing because she has so many sensual areas and they tend to move around and vary in sensitivity.

To go along with the chart above the following “Sensitivity of Erogenous Zones” gauge provides some additional insights. It indicates how sexually sensitive the various zones are for females and males at different times.


I note that the ‘after sex’ time for males is white—has no red in it at all (*grin*). Very true. And the ‘anytime’ time has a lot of red in it (compared to females where it goes between what might be considered luke warm and cold).

Like a lot of illustrations done intending to be humorous both of these illustrations are extremely close to the truth.

[Ctrl+Click the Human Body illustration to open the ‘Educational Posters for Doctors’ site in a new Tab … keeping in mind that posters on the site are intended to be tongue-in-cheek]