New Financial Year, New Banner, New Look

Right then. I think I am finished with the changes to the look of my site for now.

Hopefully people with 768y TV style 16:9 screens (which are 1366x768) pretending to be be 16:10 computer monitors will now get a lot more on the screen when they first open the site than they did before. I have put in a narrower banner and have reduced the horizontal margins so there is less ‘wasted’ space at the top of the site.

Not only is the banner smaller on the screen it is also smaller in download size so the site should load that first page a lot faster. Not that people with ADSL will probably notice because it was a relatively small image before.

By my calculations I figure you should get about an extra 30% of the first page of the site on your screen now.

Okay, this has absolutely nothing to do with the new financial year, but somehow it all lines up so I put it in the heading.

Post a comment to let me know what you think. Progress? Or have I gone backwards? Or any other comments . . .