Girls Try Harder: Looks Kosher to Me

I don’t get a lot of comments. The following comment was posted by cough_splutter to my posting titled “Titbit: Girls Just Seem to Try a Little Harder” and I thought I would reply to it in a post.


TrickShotSmall To see the original posting, with a larger less cropped version of the picture, then do a Ctrl+Click on the picture at left [this will open the posting in a new Tab].

I thought about this when I found this picture and decided to post it—really. I did. I actually think it is kosher (what it appears to be) and that she is actually taking a picture and not posing for some other photographer.

I have no idea where this occurred but my thinking is that the reason there was someone around to take a picture of her taking a picture (of whatever) is that, where-ever that location is, it seems to be a place for taking pictures. We can see a dude in the background with a fairly substantial looking camera held up to his eye. I think they could be at a zoo or some kind of public gardens.

So it could be that whoever took this picture was there taking pictures around the place as well. He spotted this babe trying to get the shot she wanted. And then when she went to the supple extremes that we see in the shot he simply pointed his $3,000 fully-auto-everything Nikon at her and took a focused and reasonably well exposed picture of her.

And anyway, it is not actually in-focus. Notice her hair (go to the original posting for a better look). For my money the focal plane is past her by about half a meter; so maybe it wasn’t a $3,000 Nikon but a $500 something-or-other ($3,000 Nikons do not get the focus wrong).

Seems likely to me . . .

If it was a posed picture then you think that maybe they would have tried to get those dudes out of the background, or waited until they moved.

Any other thoughts?

What I would REALLY love to know is what it was she was taking a picture of. On the slimiest of slim chances that either the babe in the picture or the photographer that photographed her just happens to come across this posting then please let me know what it was that she was photographing.