Fairbridge Historic Townsite: Photo-shoot with SCN

Just a few clicks north of Pinjarra (in Western Australia) is the Fairbridge Historic Village. I have driven past the signposting into Fairbridge at least 48 times this year on my way down to, and my way back from, Collie (where I have been working for the last 24 weeks).

On the weekend SCN (Seriously Cute Niece) took pity on me and offered to let me take pictures of her. My “Plan A” was to go the the Whitby Falls Coach house on the South West Highway and take some pictures there. The Whitby Falls Coach house looked kind of rustic and old-ish and I was going for the clichéd but effective look of “hot babe and old houses”.

I zoom past the coach house at about 110 kph every time I go down to Collie and come back, and to my eye, as I zoom past, it looked like the ideal setting for a “hot babe and old houses” shoot.

But when we got to the Whitby Falls Coach house it was all shut down with “Keep Out” signs posted everywhere. And they were serious. There were padlocks on all gates and barbed wire strung everywhere.

Somewhat depressed at the though of not having a shoot location I ambled on to Pinjarra where we stopped and had a famous Pinjarra pie and not-so-famous large flat white coffee; well I did. My wife and SCN had a potato-top pie. But on the way into Pinjarra I spotted the Fairbridge turn-off again and sort of thought that on the way back we might just pop in there and see what that looked like for a “hot babe and old houses” photo shoot.

Well. What a discovery. It turned out awesome. Much better than dopey old Whitby Falls Coach house. As is happens the full name for Fairbridge is “Fairbridge Historic Townsite” (who knew?).

For someone like me with the axiom “all time is wasted wot is not spent taking photographs” could probably easily spend a whole day there taking pictures of SCN in different lighting (cool morning sunlight, warm evening sunlight), with and without flash, with and without reflectors, etc, etc. As it was I managed to click off 180 frames. Doncha just love digital cameras and not having to load film?


If it is okay with SCN I will post some of the pictures I took of her at a later date but for now if you want to get some idea of what is at Fairbridge use Ctrl+Click on the picture above to go to my gallery section and see some pictures my wife took around Fairbridge.