Post about a Post: The Girl Paradox

I think this is the first time I have ever done a post about one of my posts. It will be really short.

I just noticed (at 00:30 a.m. Sunday morning) a comment posted against my posting titled “The Girl Paradox” from the 16th May this year (2010). The comment follows:

cough_splutter [Use Ctrl+Click to open in a New tab]

First:  See—I do go back and read comments, sometimes even as far back as three months ago.

Second:  I love that nick—“cough_splutter”. When I first saw it when you posted a comment for the Amazing Transformation posting last week it made me chuckle to myself. And I am chuckling again now thinking about it. I just have to type it again … “cough_splutter”. Complete with an underscore between the words. Love it.

Sadly it is is too long for a personalised plate. Well it is in Western Australia. I am not sure if it is too long for personalised plates where you live. But it would make a great personalised plate if it was possible.

Third:  Thanks for posting the comment no matter how late after the original posting was put up. As you may have gathered from reading my other posts I don’t get much traffic so one more person reading my ramblings now and then is great—and you post comments as well. Bonus.

Fourth and final:  Yes. My son has also confirmed with me that the diagram is very close to the truth.


GraphJam I will just point out that that “The Girl Paradox” is not a diagram I developed. I found it on the Web. I like to give credit when I know the source and I have just done a couple of searches and I think that the original source of the diagram is The GraphJam tag above links to the site [Use Ctrl+Click to open in a New tab]. To go directly to the diagram at GraphJam then use this link.