SCN at Fairbridge: Really Red Phone Box

Honestly . . . I have not wound the red saturation up in this picture. It really was a very red telephone box. And this is with the Pentax K-7 in-camera JPG processing at default settings, which tend to be somewhat coolish.

Well it is actually only a shell of telephone box because, as you can probably see, it does not contain a telephone. It is a pity they could not have mounted a suitable period (1970s) pay-phone apparatus in there, but I suppose the problem would be that people would, or might, damage it (or steal it).

I have purposely copped the picture a little wider than might be expected in order to show more of the telephone box in the shot. I realise all that red does take the focus impact off the model  a bit. With that very neutral top she does sort of get pushed a bit into the visual background.

SCN_Fairbridge Shoot-7

SCN_Fairbridge Shoot-7b-mini Some might also think that I cropped the shot a little short and should have left the bottom left corner of the box in the frame. However I cropped the bottom left off on purpose. There is a heavy duty grey galvanised angle bracket on the outside of the box in that corner fastening it to the concrete slab it is standing on. This can be seen in the picture at right.

When we came across this telephone box shell I got mildly excited. Perfect for the old “babe in a telephone box”. I urged SCN to step into it and do some suitable poses. From where I was standing, camera at the ready, it seemed like a great idea for a few pictures. But, at the time as I was suggesting it, I noticed that SCN did not seem to share my enthusiasm about the idea.

It turned out that there were a lot of spider webs criss-crossing everywhere just inside the door and I could not see them from where I was standing. Although no actual spiders were visible there is the old rule of “where there are spider webs there are spiders … they are just really good at hiding”. You might be able to pick up the look of “should I really actually go in there” on SCN’s face in the picture above right as I am telling “yep, great, but actually go into the box”.

I was nearly not going to post this shot because of a few reasons. The over-powering red of the telephone box for one, and another is the relatively strong fill-in flash shadows coming off her legs and also running up her top from the left edge of the phone box. Also her jeans look black and they are actually dark blue; and the pose is not quite natural looking. But each time I checked and re-checked it she just looked so darn cute, especially with that little dimple happening, so I thought I really should share.