SCN at Fairbridge: Old Truck

Sadly this is the last set picture I have from the Fairbridge shoot with SCN. There is a chance that once SCN gets a bit of whitespace in her University studies we might go back to Fairbridge, or some other location, and fire off an other 100 or so frames.

Based on feedback from a couple of pictures I posted at the Digital Photography Review ( site I might try using reflectors for some shots rather than just use the relatively ‘harsh’ and unflattering fill-in flash all the time. The problem with using reflectors is they need to be set up (aligned). Also, if they are being held by tripods or reflector stands, then any slight breeze or wind can blow them out of alignment, or just totally blow them over.

Using reflectors also takes a lot of the casualness out of the shoot as shots need more setting up. So while using reflectors does typically provide a richer picture it can be very frustrating and stressful trying to use them.

SCN_Fairbridge Shoot-8

SCN_Fairbridge Shoot-8b For this shot there was a lot of strong sunlight coming from behind the model—as you can tell from the ‘burnt’ highlights in her hair. If I had taken RAW shots I might have been able to bring these highlights back but with JPGs they are gone; thrown into the bit-bin by the in-camera JPG processing, never to be seen again.

I have included the shot at right so you can see that it was an ‘old truck’. It was parked close to the very red telephone box that featured in my previous SCN at Fairbridge posting (here). Looking at the red paint used on the cab of the truck and the red of the telephone box I suspect the same red paint was used for both.

When I saw the wooden planking on the tray of the truck I got slightly concerned that SCN  might pick a splinter either trying to get up onto the tray back or sitting on it. It was pretty rough and worn.

It is a rough life being a model. What with having to lean against splintery old veranda posts (here), look happy to be posing in a spider-web infested phone box (here), kneel and sit on dusty dirty seats (here and here) and benches (here), and then having to climb up onto the back of an old truck—which required her taking off her shoes as getting onto the tray back via the tow hitch wearing heels looked like a safety issue. Good thing it pays well (I can hear SCN saying “What pay!?”).