16 Unique Visitors on 2nd September

Oh wow! I just checked my traffic count and I had 16 unique visitors on the 2nd of September.



Okay. This might seem pretty pathetic to those blog writers in the 10,000 per day visitor club, or even for those getting 2,000 regular visitors each day, but for someone used to seeing 5, or 6, or 7 as my daily visitor count it is pretty exciting to see 16. That is a well over a 100% increase.

Now. Let me see. What did I post on or about the 2nd of September so I can post more like it?

Hmmm. Nothing. I posted something on the 30th of August and then there is nothing until today (because I work in the country and don’t have the technology down there in order to update my blog).

Darn. I have no idea why I got those visitors.