SCN at Fairbridge: Apple Blossoms

Okay. Let’s get this cleared up straight away. The blossoms in the following picture are most probably not apple blossoms, but my default term for any blossoms that I do not know the correct name for is ‘apple blossoms’. ‘Apple blossoms’ is sort of my place-marker term until I find out what kind of blossoms they really are.

Apart from setting the levels and putting the white border around it nothing has been done to the following picture other than what Pentax’s in-camera processing in the P-7 did converting it from the RAW to the JPG on the memory card. It has not been cropped, dodged, burnt, or even sharpened (it has been re-sized to fit my post and resizing down does have a minor sharpening effect, but not much). This is how the in-camera settings processed the shot.

The shot is a little cool and the image processing in the Pentax P-7 is known for this. I was tempted to warm it up but then something about the coolness of it appeals to me, so I left it. And also warming it up would have made her hair more red-ish and, to my eye at least (and everyone is slightly different), her hair looks about the right hue compared to how it looked on-the-day.

SCN Fairbridge Shoot 3


This shot was taken in full shade with on-camera fill-flash at -0.5 of an f-stop being used—as can be seen by a tiny bit of refection from the flash in her eyes and from the sheen on her bottom lip.

Just in case your monitor brightness and contrast is not set correctly I have included a gamma strip. You should be able to see 26 greyscale steps in the strip. Most importantly you should be able to detect three distinct graduations through A, B, and C as well as X, Y, and Z. If you can’t then you may want to consider adjusting your monitor.