Rapture Forecast to Happen on 21/5/2011

The end of the world is nigh (i.e., going to happen really soon now).

Based on a lot of study—most likely years—invested by Harold E. Camping, in California in the USA, the latest date we have for the Christian Rapture is 21/5/2011, or for my (two or three) American readers that would be 5/21/2011. I never could see the logic in putting the month first, but then I guess they can’t understand why we would put the day first.


As you can see Camping’s forecast has the Rapture taking place on a weekend.

waatI have read the Wikipedia entry on Harold E. Camping (here) and I am also working my way through his paper where he sets out his interpretations of Bible texts and his other workings in arriving at the 21st of May 2011. This 80 page paper is called “We Are Almost There!” and it can be found on Mr. Camping’s “Family Radio” Web site (here).

According to the Wikipedia entry Mr. Camping forecast the second coming of Jesus Christ to occur in 1994; but he did have a side-note that he might have got that date wrong. Apparently there is no such side-note in his current paper where he locks down the date of the Rapture—although I am only a third of the way through it.

The Wikipedia entry is an interesting read and I would encourage anyone with 10 minutes to fill to take the time to look at it.

It seems Mr. Camping’s original profession was as a qualified Civil Engineer.