Wallpaper for ‘pymack’

In my posting titled “Internet Porn: Too Much, Too Easy to Get, and Too Extreme” (here) a comment was posted by ‘pymack’ requesting the location of the wallpaper I posted in the article which states “Seriously … For any normal male is there anything on the planet more amazing and beautiful than a woman’s breasts?

As this wallpaper was sent to me in an e-mail I did not have a link to it on the Web, but what I have done is upload it to my site and now the picture in the posting mentioned above links to the full-sized wallpaper. Simply open the full-sized wallpaper by clicking the picture and then right-click it; and if you are using FireFox then select “Save Image As …”, or if you are using Internet Explorer then select “Save picture as …”. Then save the picture in the required location on your hard disk. Now you can use it as a wallpaper.

Note that the full-sized wallpaper is sized to perfectly fit a 16:10 wide-screen computer screen 1680x1050. If you use this wallpaper on a normal ‘square’ 4:3 screen then you will end up with it not fitting too well. It will ‘letterbox’ and there will be black strips at the top and bottom of the screen. If you use it on a 16:10 computer screen with a lower resolution, such as 1440x900 (a common 16:10 notebook resolution) then you might get a slight loss of sharpness because the picture will automatically get reduced in size to fit the screen. Similarly if you use it on a larger 16:10 screen such as a 1920x1200 (I must get myself a 24” 1920x1200 screen one day) then it will get automatically upsized and will hence suffer a loss of contrast (take on a slightly misty or translucent appearance).

See. I do read the comments Smile … Okay. It was over 7 days ago that the request was made but I eventually got around to doing something about it.