Best Song of 2010: Big Jet Plane

Listeners of Triple-J have voted Angus and Julia Stone’s song “Big Jet Plane” as the top song of 2010.

Following is Triple-J’s Top 10 for 2010. Clicking the list will take you to the JJJ Web page [Use Ctrl+Click to open in in a new Tab].


I liked this song so much when I heard it that I promptly downloaded Angus and Julia’s album. And then, following my policy of if I like it then I buy it I went out and bought the CD. That CD has been permanently in my six-stacker car CD player now for about four months.

I even did a post to my site about this song (here). To date this is the only post I have done featuring a song. That’s how much I liked it.


If you have not already seen it then I recommend sitting through the video that goes with the song. It is available in 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p playback resolutions. If you have ADSL then I suggest you watch the 720p version full-screen. Also you need to have a reasonable sound outfit connected to you computer—one that can do the haunting background bass ambience justice. If you can’t feel that bass coming through then you are going to miss about half the impact of the song.