Problems with Live Writer 2011

For about eight months now I have been using Microsoft’s Live Writer 2010 to key up my posts. Up until now I have been very impressed with it. It has all the basic things in it that you would expect from a Microsoft tool for keying up and previewing posts. It shows the post almost exactly as it will look when it is posted with all colours and backgrounds faithfully shown and all text wrapping shown as close as possible to how it will appear once it is actually posted.

Also, as a bonus, most of the normal Word shortcut keys work—where it makes sense for them to work (e.g., Ctrl+Shift+L starts a bulleted list, etc.,). Also if you cut ’n’ paste formatted content from Word, such as a table, and you select Paste with ‘Keep Formatting’ from the Paste options, then a 95 percent faithful rendition of the Word table is pasted into Live Writer and hence, when you Publish, into the Web site.

But over Xmas I upgraded Live Writer to Live Writer 2011 and now I have a very annoying problem; centred images do not stay centred when they are posted. If I put an image into the Live Writer 2011 draft and centre it, then it centres as expected in Live Writer 2011. But when the post is published to SquareSpace the centering is lost and the image becomes left justified. To make it even more frustrating, if, after I have published to SquareSpace I then use the SquareSpace content editor to try and centre the images the stay left justified.

This is why all the images in my last couple of posts are all left justified. See:

I have tried playing around with various Live Writer options but at this stage I cannot work out how to make centering in Live Writer 2011 work. I suspect that the issue is going to be a combination of Live Writer 2011 working with SquareSpace but the really annoying thing is that the old Live Writer, Live Writer 2010, did not have this issue.

I thought of the obvious option of going back to Live Writer 2010 but there does not seem to be anywhere on Microsoft’s site that I can download and re-install the older version.