497th Posting

According to SquareSpace statistics that last posting about the most photographed subject was the 497th posting I have done.

That means this will be the 498th.

So, two postings from now I will be posting my 500th article.

I only wish I had something a bit special to do for my 500th entry but I have to tell you, at this time, I have nothing particularly special to put up for my 500th.

Will have to think about it over breakfast.

I feel like I should have a party or something. Maybe I will buy a nice red wine to mark the occasion.

On the downside I seriously doubt that I will ever have to worry about ‘celebrating’ a 1,000th posting.

Post Updated 16th October:

Following up on SCN’s suggestion (see her comment on this posting) I e-mailed SquareSpace support to see if they could find out my Top 10 viewed postings from their end—because I cannot do it from my end.

Following is their reply.


As you can see from the above they say they cannot work out what my Top 10 viewed posting are, which is obviously not really the case. I work in IT. In the end all this data is stored in relational databases, and most probably (almost certainly) in Microsoft’s SQL Server relational databases. All that is required is a pretty simple SQL query and all of my posting titles with the number of views could be pulled out into an Excel spreadsheet.

What this e-mail is really saying is something more like “We could do this but it would require us to run a special query which might take half an hour or so to do and as this is not one of our standard services we don’t want to do it”.

Even if they offered it as some kind of additional cost service it would be good. Then you could order a statistical dump of the number of views per posting per day for all your posting and pay something like $49.95 to get it. Oh well. At this stage I can’t get it. But it was a good idea.

Oh … and don’t you love how they sign off with “Hope this helps!” when they know that it didn’t help in the least.

I wonder what the posting statistics are like on some of the other site hosting services? Maybe I should look into that.

BarryMarkP.S: It is now 20 postings since anyone posted a comment. I know from SquareSpace statistics that about 60 to 70 people check this site every day. Surely someone could post some wee comment [sad face goes here].