Lindsay Lohan to Pose for Playboy (Maybe)

LL1If the buzz on the Web can be believed, and I have to admit that if you read trusted sources it is rarely wrong, then Lindsay Lohan has agreed to a payment of ‘slightly over $1 million’ to pose ‘practically nude’ for Playboy Magazine.

The first thought that occurred to me was that I would have thought she has left her run at the ultimate in glamour layouts (i.e., posing near-nude for Playboy) a little late.

Although she is only 25 some of the pictures I have seen of her lately show her looking a little more like 30.

Also, after years of not wearing bras one wonders if her primary visual assets are up (so to speak) to being featured in Playboy Magazine—which after all, does have standards to maintain.

I guess one likely reason that she has decided to do this now could be that she is running short, or has run short, of money. So a quick million plus would come in handy right now. And if the spread in Playboy ends up being any good then that can lead on to other financial rewards in the way of advertising offers and possibly other offers from up-market men’s magazines such as Maxim, GQ, or Esquire; and the like.

I guess the make-up team at Playboy are one of the best in the world and have been making average girls look amazing for years. Also the photographers there are certainly going to know a trick or two about how to arrange a model’s bumps and curves, and how to move the lighting around—to ensure the best possible and most flattering viewing of her assets for the camera. And after all that there are the people in post-processing at Playboy who can make Photoshop do stuff I have no idea about.

I assume by ‘practically nude’ that means BBL (boobs, butt, and legs), but that it basically all Playboy ever does anyway.