Next It’s the Samsung Nexus Prime

Nexus1So now that we have Apple’s iPhone 5, errr, iPhone 4s announcement out of the way the next big thing in mobile phones is going to be jointly developed Nexus Prime Android phone from Google and Samsung.

For those that don’t spend way too much of their life trawling around the Web (like I do) you may not be aware that this phone is even about to be released.

Nexus2So, what is so special about the Nexus Prime?

Well the single most interesting thing is that is supposed to be slightly curved complete with a curved glass screen. The image above recently released by Samsung confirms this. As well as the curved screen the Nexus Prime is reported to have to the following, but remember, nobody has actually seen a real Nexus Prime yet:

  • A whopping 4.65” screen making it 33 percent larger than the screen on the iPhone 4.
  • The screen will have an amazing super-crisp 1280x720 resolution.
  • Reports are that the Nexus Prime will run the new Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android.
  • A dual-core 1.5Ghz processor.
  • Plus a separate dual-core MP2 graphics chip to ensure high-performance graphics.
  • An 8 megapixel main camera.
  • To run all this the Nexus Prime will get a 2,000+ mAH battery (the most powerful battery yet shoehorned into a mobile phone).

If those in-the-know have it right then Samsung and Google will formally release this phone mid-next week.

My mobile phone is just a Motorola Defy with a 3.5” screen (the same size as used by the iPhone 4). It only runs Android 2.2. But the number one reason for purchasing this phone was that it had a very good grey zone reception rating and for me being able to use it as a phone and make phone calls when others couldn’t was more important than any other criteria. The number two reason was battery life. I can get up to six days out of the Defy without bothering to turn it off overnight; but then I only use it as a phone and don’t play games on it or use it to surf the Web.