“SCN Falls Farm Shoot (2)” Still in Top 10

The following table shows the Top 10 posts being looked at so far for November—not including “Journal” which is always Number 1 because that is where you ‘land’ if they just go to www.abalook.com and that counts as a view.

But if someone coming to Abalook looks around and opens some other posting(s), or if they link over to a posting directly from some other site (including from a search from the likes of Bing, Yahoo, or Google), or from an e-mail, then they make it onto the list below.

1 Adrianne Palicki Chosen To Play Wonder Woman
2 How Small Can Stuff Get?
3 Motifake.com: De-motivational Posters
4 Falls Farm (Lesmurdie)
5 Jessica Alba Posting Popular
6 Windows 7—Hot’n’Sexy Celebrity Women Theme
7 SCN Falls Farm Shoot (2): 500th Post
8 Tennis Poster Photographer Dies
9 Video Streaming Chewing Up The Internet: Porn is Number 1
10 The Six Sixes: How Modern Women Pick Men


WW2It is kind of interesting that the Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman posting is sitting at Number 1 at the moment. Maybe the movie is about to be released and people are doing Web searches for it—possibly. Anyway I figure it can’t do any harm to my site hits to include another picture of Adrianne doing her Wonder Woman stuff as part of the filming.

Another interesting one is Number 5 because is does not actually contain any pictures of Jessica Alba. Nor does it contain any links to pictures of Jessica. I am not sure what it is doing at Number 5.

But mainly I was sort of pleased that my picture of SCN at Falls Farm—that I did as my 500th post—is still in the Top 10. It is sitting at Number 7.

This was posted back on the 24th October and there have been 22 posts since then. Yet this posting still gets into the Top 10 for November. Okay … we are only ten days into November and things are likely to change by the time November comes to an end.

Note to self: I must get around to doing another SCN posting even thought the post processing takes heaps of time to get it how I want it.

Oh. All the entries in the Top 10 table above are linked in case you want to go and check any of them out, and the links are configured to open in a new Tab. I worked out how to do a table in Excel with links included and then put that into Windows Live Writer for posting so that the links open in a new Tab Smile