Titbit: Google Nexus Smartphone—Fastest Phone on the Planet

I don’t know that it really matters that much. After all how many people, when they go into the shop to buy a smartphone, ask the assistant which is the fastest phone? In fact finding out which smartphone is the fastest is probably one question phone buyers don’t ask.

But, for anyone interested, the top three fastest smartphones today are:

  1. Google’s amazing Galaxy Nexus.
  2. Motorola’s new RAZR smartphone (this phone with its Kevlar body is worth having a look at if you have not seen it yet).
  3. Apple’s iPhone 4s (which everybody has most likely seen by now).

For those that like to see performance testing numbers following are the results of performance tests done using the SunSpider Javascript Benchmark utility.


To read more the graphic above links to the article.

For those people who just bought a Samsung Galaxy S II, which is currently the top selling smartphone, it came in at 6th with the upgraded Galaxy S II Epic coming in at 5th.