Average Uniques Down to 95 (SCN Climbs No. 5)

My average count of unique visitors per day is down a bit this week. From being 109 per day last week I am down to 95 uniques per day for this week.


On the upside my picture posting of serious cute niece (SCN) at Falls Farm has made it up to 5th position. This posting was 7th in the first week of November, then went up to 6th in the second week, and is now in the Top 5 (at 5th). I can only assume somebody somewhere is linking over to this posting but sadly, if this is the case, I am unable to tell what site it is. Feel free to post a comment and ‘fess up if you are linking over. Never know, you might get some link-backs from readers of this site if you do.

I did do a linked posting to DPreview about the HDR effects I used in this posting of SCN but I doubt that people from DPreview are still linking over. They tend to move on pretty quickly.

1 Adrianne Palicki Chosen to Play Wonder Woman
2 Windows 7—Hot'n'Sexy Celebrity Women Theme
3 Amazing Transformation: Designed Desktop Wallpaper
4 Motifake.com: De-motivational Posters
5 SCN Falls Farm Shoot (2): 500th Post
6 Trillian from H2G2: Zooey Deschanel
7 Interesting Notes About the Milky Way
8 Tennis Poster Photographer Dies
9 The Puzzle of the Soccer Girls Wallpaper
10 Any Ideas for Stuff to Post?


One observation from the above Top 10 is that only two of the postings in it are not ‘babe’ related pictures. These are number 7 (“Interesting Notes About the Milky Way”) and number 10 (“Any Ideas for Stuff to Post?”).

Number 10 is an interesting entry. It was in the number 2 slot last week. I doubt anyone is linking over to this posting so it is very curious that it is in the Top 10.