Titbit: Maybe We Did Come from the Heavens After All

NASA-funded researchers are becoming more and more convinced that the building blocks of life arrived on Earth from the heavens and did not bubble up from primeval sludge as previously thought—for those that believe we started out in primeval sludge.

DNA, the very basis of all life, the code that allow living cells to be created, has often been detected on rocks that have come from space: meteorites. But in every case the discovery of DNA on meteorites has been dismissed as DNA contamination from someone handling the samples, or some Earth base life form (lizards, ants, snakes) coming into contact with the sample, and leaving DNA traces behind.

However new research by the NASA researchers is saying that this is not the case. They have a number of instances where they are certain that the DNA found on the space rocks being tested was there before the rocks entered our atmosphere. This means the meteorites have delivered life-building DNA onto the planet’s surface.

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