SCN 3rd and 10th this Week: Absolute 1st for One Day

I am a bit late posting it but for the week up to Friday following are the Top 10 postings that were linked to. Notice that seriously cute niece (SCN) has two entries in the Top 10 at 3rd and 10th.

1 Adrianne Palicki Chosen to Play Wonder Woman
2 Tennis Poster Photographer Dies
3 SCN Falls Farm Shoot (2): 500th Post
4 Windows 7—Hot'n'Sexy Celebrity Women Theme
5 De-motivational Posters
6 Titbit: Opera's Neat 'Spacebar' Trick
7 Amazing Transformation: Designed Desktop Wallpaper
8 Video Streaming Chewing up The Internet: Porn is Number 1
9 The Puzzle of the Soccer Girls Wallpaper
10 SCN Falls Farm Shoot (3): Dreamy-Sexy, Sexy-Dreamy


On a weekly basis Adrianne Palicki is hanging in there at Number 1 but a very interesting thing happened on Wednesday. The “SCN Falls Farm Shoot (2)” posting hit absolute 1st. By this I mean that it got more hits than “Journal”. Following is the proof!


Never before have I seen a posting get more hits than “Journal”. Even though I don’t show it on the Top 10 lists “Journal” is always sitting at absolute 1st and I start the Top 10 from the second entry and call that Number 1—because “Journal” is the site itself and doesn’t really count.

This means that direct links into the SCN posting at Abalook exceeded the number of visits to my site via the general URL of

It only happened the once. You can be sure I checked each day after this happened to see if it happened again—but it didn’t.