SPAM Comments Flooding In

SPAMcommentsI am not too sure what is going on but the amount of SPAM comments to my site over the last few days has gone up by about 500 percent from about two a day to 10 or more a day.

At right are the SPAM comments I am about to delete from today. Most of these seem to be related to either tabletpc or android phone sales.

I have to be careful as I click through and delete SPAM comments not to delete a real comment. For example with these, while all those with ‘android’ in the nickname are easy to pick off as SPAM, it could be that the one from ‘flytouch’ (second from the bottom) is a real comment.

‘Flytouch’ sounds like it could be real nickname someone might use.

But when I open it and check it then it becomes obvious it is a SPAM comment.

I can only assume that as Christmas gets closer the SPAM comment people are getting more active because, in the end, they are usually advertising something for sale. The comments usually link you back to a sales site that is trying to sell something.

The other thing with this SPAM is that I am assuming it is being put in by people and not by bots because to post a comment you have to be able to read and decode that little panel with the munted letters in it. The assumption is that bots can’t do that, or maybe the bots have become a lot smarter and someone has worked out how to code a bot that can ‘read’ the letters in that munted panel.

Anyway it is darned annoying having to clean out SPAM comments every day.