HSD: Adrianne Palicki Gets 577 Direct Hits

Holy Snapping Duckshit!

In the last week the Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman posting got 577 direct hits which is more than four times the direct links that Adrianne got last week. Following is the proof.


Adrianne managed to pull in over 82 hits per day.

Not long ago my whole site was battling to get 82 unique visitors (it was averaging around 65 uniques per day) and now just one of my posting is getting 82 hits per day!

Direct links to the Adrianne posting were 2.6 times more than the number of people who opened Abalook from the URL (which goes to “Journal”). It wasn’t long ago, only five or six weeks ago, that nothing ever got a higher count than “Journal”. But now the posting of SCN has managed it once and Adrianne has managed it twice.

AdrianneCleavageWhile this is awesome and is pushing my daily uniques well over a hundred per day I am a little concerned about what is going to happen when all these people stop linking over to the Adrianne posting. Will my daily uniques plummet back to the ‘norm’ of 65?

Well in the meantime, to try and stop the number of visitors to my site falling, here is a picture of Adrianne looking extremely attractive and dressed to cause serious excitement for any nearby males.

The original image that I found and cropped to ‘make’ this picture was found on the Internet NewsGroups and was 1600 x 1200 in size. I have saved the full-sized full resolution version in the Abablook SmugMug wallpapers folio. The picture above links directly to it. No password is required to open it and right-click ‘save’—or that would be left-click save if you use your mouse left handed and have switched the buttons around—is not disabled so you can save a copy of it.

>> Late Edit >>

Interestingly, despite all the traffic to the Adrianne posting (here), and it would have to be the single most direct hit image on my site, there is not a single comment that has been left! Nary a one. Not any. Zip! Zero! Ziltch!