ABotM for December: Adrianne Palicki


I have been very slack in keeping up with the Abalook Babe of the Month (ABotM) postings. As regular readers will know I skipped doing an ABotM posting for September because I got so far behind. Now I am going to skip doing one for November. Yep! In case you missed it there was no ABotM posting done for November; and interestingly I did not get a single comment about missing it nor did I get any e-mails.

ABotM-Adrianne-2It is way too late to decide to do an ABotM posting for November now and it is almost, but not quite, too late to do one for December.

I am going to feature Adrianne as ABotM for December because of all the interest in my other postings featuring her (here and here).

Yes, I am shamelessly posting more of Adrianne to try and get more link-overs.

As usual I have spent hours searching NewsGroups, the torrents, and the general Web looking for pictures of Adrianne and then spent a little more time trying to enhance them for posting.

If you Google or Bing Adrianne you are likely to find most of the pictures featured here (if you search long enough and dig deep enough) but hopefully the versions posted here will be crisper, cleaner, and brighter than the ones you find. If not then I have failed in my quest to post pictures that are a cut above the average.


The above montage was found using Excite and all versions of it that I could find were about 2/3rds of the size of the above image so I had to use all my skills to upsize it without it pixelising too much.

As anyone who has worked with raster images will know upsizing an image greater than 1:1 pixel size is a challenge and especially when the starting point image is not that good to start with. But I figured that this image was worth the time and effort to try and get it a little larger even if a tiny bit of image quality had to be sacrificed.


ABotM-Adrianne-5As my previous feature on Adrianne indicated she was chosen to play Wonder Women in the ‘new’ Wonder Woman movie which, as far as I can work out, starting filming in March (2011). But from what I can find now from the Web the new Wonder Woman movie has either been ditched or filming has taken a break while they review the story line and decide whether to finish making it.

According to IMDb Adrianner has been in four other movies which were Popstar (2005), Friday Night Lights (2006), Women in Trouble (2009), and Legion (2009).

Sadly I have to confess I have not seen any of these movies so I cannot give you any indication of how good an actress Adrianne is.


ABotM-Adrianne-7Adrianne has also been seen in a number of popular TV series including Supernatural (as Sam’s doomed girlfriend), CSI: Miami, Criminal Minds, and it seems she was also in Smallville back in 2004 where she played Kara. I might have to check that out.

Despite her distinctly European looks Adrianne was born in Toledo, Ohio, in the USA in 1983.

From what I can find on the Web Adrianne has been featured in FHM and Maxim. One of the pictures from the Maxim shoot, which as far as I can work out was done in 2006 so she would have been 23 at the time, is shown below (with the pink top and jeans).


Just to prove I actually do try and make each picture a little better than how I find it following is an example of the before and after of the above picture.


Hopefully most people will agree that the after picture is an improvement. What did I do? I took out the green cast (which you can see in her hair and the in her skin tone), then I brought up the shadow areas a little (notice some of the detail and texture coming back in her jeans), then finally did an overall ‘soft light’ fog reduction to bring back a little sharpness to the picture (which has also put back the colour in her pink top and her skin tone).

As pictures posted on the Web are already processed JPG files and not RAW files there is not a lot that can be done to enhance them but sometimes just a little fixing up can help.

Well after putting about four hours overall into crafting up this posting that is going to be about it for Adrianne. I will leave you with this great full-face shot of Adrianne as a brunette and I wasn’t the one who edited out the mole between her eyes—it was already edited out in the picture I found.