Average Uniques Punch Through 100 for November

I feel like I should throw some kind of party. These days there must be some kind of way to throw an online party. I will have to look into that at a later date.

So why the party?

Well for the month of November the daily average number of unique visitors per day to my site was 111. This is pretty awesome considering that for the previous ten months the average was a pretty consistent 65, and before that it was lower. The November daily average is a 70 percent increase and it happened over just one month.

I can’t be sure of the exact reasons why, all of a sudden, more people are checking out my site—but it is kind of exciting. One contributing factor has to be whomsoever it is that is linking over to the SCN posting (here). Also, for some reason, my posting on Adrianne Palicki being select to play Wonder Woman has remained very popular (here).

So thanks to all my regular readers, and thanks to those who decided to just ‘abalook’ at my site recently.

So far the December numbers are looking like I will manage to average over 100 again.

I’m excited … I just hope I can continue to come up with stuff to post …

BarryMarkP.S: One interesting point is that, despite all 70 percent increase in uniques, I don’t seem to be getting any additional comments. In fact it is possible that the number of comments being made by readers might even be trending down!