SmugMug Stats

You know that I love analysing and decoding statistics. I can’t help it. It’s sort of fun. Therapy in a way—kind of.

Some time ago I set up a paid-for account on SmugMug as a place to put larger and slightly less compressed versions of some of the pictures I post here on the site.

SmugMugDownsJust recently, errr, today, I was poking around my SmugMug account and I found that there are some statistics you can get. They are not that useful but I guess they are better than nothing.

For each album you can get a list of pictures with the number of times they have been viewed/downloaded. Like SquareSpace the data is only available for the last month, which is a bit of a shame. It would be even more interesting to see all the data.

Anyway, at left is the capture that I took today of the Abalook album stats for my SmugMug account for the last 30 days and there are a few interesting things going on here. Well I thought so anyway …

Interesting Thing Number 1:  The top picture (IMGP1048) is not even a picture I have posted here on the main site! This is a picture I have only added into SmugMug and yet it is the most viewed/downloaded!

I will probably get around to doing a ‘creative’ edit of it and posting this shot of SCN to the site at some point but at this stage there is no posting containing this picture at Abalook.

This means that people who have viewed/downloaded this picture only came across it by going to the Abalook SmugMug page. Also they can only get there by first coming to this site because they have to know the super-secret password in order to get in.

Interesting Thing Number 2:  Of those pictures where I have applied some HDR treatment the Paintify HDR look is more popular than I thought it would be. HDR Paintify by Photomatix is sort of over-the-top and generally frowned upon by serious photographers.

However the third and fifth top viewed/downloaded pictures in the SmugMug list at left are Paintify HDR images. So it would seem that while ‘photographers’ think the Paintify look is uncool, regular folk seem to like it.

Interesting Thing Number 3:  Like the first, the sixth most viewed/downloaded picture has not been posted to Abablook. It is linked to (in this posting here), but it was not posted.

None of the three pictures that were featured in that posting are in the Top 6 viewed/downloaded images in the SmugMug folder and yet this picture (the 6th one) which was not shown in the source posting is. How curious is that?

In addition the posting that refers to it was only posted four days ago and already there are 12 views/downloads of it. Yeah, I know. Twelve views/downloads in four days is actually quite pathetic compared to Interweb statistics in general, but it is sort of ‘high-ish’ for my little site.


As you can see from the following thumbnail capture of the index I am getting quite a collection of SCN pictures in the Abalook SmugMug album.



Click on the above to go to the album; but you will need the super-secret password (found elsewhere) to get in.