Trying to Average a “Post a Day”

Those readers who are really paying attention might have noticed that since December 2010 I have been trying to average a post-a-day each month. In December I managed 30 posts and in January I uploaded 28 entries. I am not quite hitting the goal of a post-a-day but am running pretty close.

It is really quite challenging because:

  1. I have a demanding, full time, five days a week, job.

  2. I don’t want my site to become ‘yet another linking blog’ (YALB) where my posts are just about some other postings on some other blog.

  3. I want my posts to be interesting—stuff I would stop and read myself if I came across them.

  4. I want to keep my content changing. I could just post something every day about photography or computers (that would be so easy for me to do), but, although it may not seem like it sometimes, I want to keep posts about my key interest areas spaced out.

  5. I work away three days a week and although I have tried to work out ways to post when I am away I have not managed to achieve that goal yet.

    I have tried using Cisco’s GoToMyPC (which costs $9.95 per month to subscribe to) so I can work on my main PC from the motel using a notebook as the interfacing screen. But, despite adverts on the TV and on the Web that give the impression this works as well as being in front of your main PC, this is a really hard way to work due to the ‘remote desktop interface’ (remote desktop protocol or RDP) lag. This RDP lag can be so bad sometimes that I can easily get four or five words ahead in Live Writer. This makes it really hard backing up to correct errors. It becomes so hard to work I just give up and decide to wait until I am ‘home’ back in front of my main PC.

    It has been suggested that I try Microsoft’s new Live Mesh for remote desktop access (which is also free), but logically I cannot see how this is going to be any better than GoToMyPC. And even if it is better is will only be a tiny bit better. It will still not be good enough to use Photoshop Elements via remote desktop to edit raster images for posting—and every image I post is edited in some way, even if just to crop and resize to fit my posting exactly how I want it to.


So I (we) will see how I go with this challenge I have given myself.

Time for a fresh coffee now and then I am going to craft up a posting about porn file traffic being the biggest slice of the file traffic pie.