Bing More Accurate than Google! I Don’t Think So!

I have just read an article that summarises market research done by Experian Hitwise (whoever they are) that provides statistics indicating that Microsoft’s Bing search is more accurate than Google’s search. This article, featured on the Business Insider site, is here.

Following is a small capture from the site:


I won’t waste too many words on this but from the testing I did recently involving going to posts indexed by Bing and Google on my site, if you were to use the Bing links you could end up at any random place on my site—but you would almost certainly not end up at the link you search for.

To read more about this see my posting about it here.

Seriously, based on my testing, Bing is almost useless. Maybe my site is special in some way when it comes to being indexed by search engines, but I doubt it.