Adrianne Palicki Chosen To Play Wonder Woman

NBC is going to reboot the Wonder Woman TV series and they have selected Adrianne Palicki to play the lead role of Wonder Woman.


WonderWoman2She will have to colour her hair because Wonder Woman has very dark (if not jet black) hair.

WonderWoman4The writers and producers are saying that Wonder Woman’s costume will be suitably updated for current times. I am not sure if that means she will wear more or less coverage. It could sort of mean either really.

Because I like to cover all the more interesting points of these stories (the bits the others leave out) I did a few quick searches around the Web to see if there were any sneak previews of the new costume but I failed to find anything—I have to confess it was a really quick look.

There has been considerable concern from the dedicated Wonder Woman fan clubs that Adrianne is not ‘buxom’ enough to play Wonder Woman. One of Wonder Women’s primary attributes is her bulging breasts which her costume somehow always seems to only just manage to contain; even when she is jumping across roof tops or running at full speed—in heeled boots—trying to catch a baddie.

WonderWoman3The producers have assured fans that once they see Adrianne in-costume as Wonder Women they will not be disappointed. Adrianne is apparently “toning up” for the role. Not that I can see that see needs to do much toning up based on the picture at right.

I have to confess that I tried hard not to miss too many episodes of the ‘old’ Wonder Woman (starring Linda Carter).

It seems that the new NBC Wonder Woman series is going to be more serious and less ‘campy’ than the previous (Linda Carter) series.

The producer of the show is going to be David E. Kelley of “Boston Legal” and “The Practice” fame, so it is going to be marginally interesting to see what comes out of this.

The 1975 Wonder Woman TV series was a huge hit and ran for four years before Linda Carter decided she was not up to continuing the role.

I wonder if Adrianne’s Wonder Woman will be as popular?

>> Edit 22nd December, 2011 >>

For another picture of Adrianne see this more recent posting.

>> Edit 27th December, 2011 >>

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