Fans Trying to get Firefly Back in the Air (Space)

It seems that after a few comments uttered by Nathan Fillion in an interview he did recently with Entertainment Weekly (EW) fans of the Firefly TV series in America are trying to put together a campaign to get Firefly back on TV.

Firefly Cast

Fillion—who played Captain Mal in the series—indicated that if enough money came his way, such as a huge lottery win, then he would like to buy the rights to Firefly and get the series back into production. For more on this you can see the item at CNN (here) or at EW (here).

As a result of this fans across the USA leapt into action within hours of the interview being broadcast. EW has now posted an item about fans helping Fillion to get the money needed to buy Firefly (here). There is now:

  • A Web site about getting Fillion the money he would need (here).
  • A Facebook community about Fillion buying Firefly (here).

It seems in the meantime a couple of the Firefly writers have said that they would jump at the chance to work on Firefly again.

But in reality the odds of getting the rights, getting the actors (they would have to get Summer Glau as an absolute minimum), getting the money, and getting Joss Wheddon back to do Firefly again, would have to be up there with the chance of me winning lotto tonight—which is around 1:3.8 million.

Don’t get me wrong. I would love for it to happen. If an actual working pledge site is set up I will be pledging some money for sure. If any one of my readers finds out about a working bona fide pledge site before I see it pop up then please post a comment so I don’t miss it.